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北京邮电大学无线通信理论实验室博士后招聘启事 Recruitment Notice for Postdoctoral Fellows in Wireless Communication Theory Laboratory, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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Recruitment Notice for Postdoctoral Fellows in Wireless Communication Theory Laboratory, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications



Academician Norman Beaulieu, fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering and Engineering Institute of Canada, is a special recruited professor in the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).

诺曼·比尤利院士是世界无线通信理论领域的顶尖学者,他的科研成果曾多次荣获国际大奖。他是世界上仅有的兼获IEEE Edwin Howard Armstrong和IEEE Reginald Aubrey Fessenden两项奖(章)的学者。这两个奖项是为了纪念频率调制(FM)和振幅调制(AM)的发明者而创立,并分别以他们的名字命名。比尤利院士曾多次受邀访问加拿大美国麻省理工学院、不列颠哥伦比亚大学等和意大利多所历史悠久的大学。在意大利,他被授予了“哥白尼学者”称号。此外,他曾担任通信领域知名期刊“IEEE Transactions on Communications”的主编。

Academician Beaulieu is widely recognized as one of the top researchers in the world in wireless communication theory. He holds many Fellowships, Awards, and Medals for his research accomplishments. He is the only researcher in the world who holds both the IEEE Edwin Howard Armstrong Award named for the inventor of frequency modulation, FM, and the IEEE Reginald Aubrey Fessenden Medal named for the inventor of amplitude modulation, AM. Professor Beaulieu is a frequent invited visitor to the University of British Columbia in Canada, to MIT in the USA, and to several historic Universities in Italy where he is a Copernicus Fellow. He is also a former Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Communications, the world’s highest quality journal in telecommunications research.

根据诺曼·比尤利院士及学校工作需要,现招收数名博士后研究人员。研究领域面向“5G及更高领域”的理论、大规模天线技术(Massive MIMO)和认知无线电(Cognitive Radio)等方面。院士目前的研究课题中有代表性的有:用于减少异构网络中干扰的低占空比无线传输方案、与干扰统计数据相匹配的高级信号恢复进程、三至多倍增加网络支持的用户数目的颠覆性技术、减少信号采样和延迟且具有更高性能的新型信号及信道参数估计的方法、两两独立、非相互独立的估计方法以减少实验观察值数目,以及关于大规模MIMO有利传输的局限性和潜力的完备理论。

Professor Beaulieu is looking to recruit several Post Doctoral Fellows to work with him on futuristic theory and technologies for Beyond 5G, massive MIMO, and cognitive radio. Project topics include low-duty cycle wireless transmission schemes for interference mitigation in heterogeneous networks, superior signal recovery procedures matched to the statistics of the interference, disruptive technologies that increase the number of users supportable simultaneously by the network three-fold or more, novel channel and signal parameter estimators that achieve improved performance with fewer samples and delay, the application of pairwise rather than mutual independence in estimation to reduce the number of empirical observations, and a complete theory of the limitations and potentials of favourable propagation for massive MIMO. Research assistants are also strongly encouraged to formulate their own project topics and ideas that may be pursued after vetting.


More details are as follows:



1. Requirements


(1) The applicant should have high moral standards and good health;


(2) The applicant should be under 35 years old; it should be less than three years since the applicant obtained his or her doctoral degree, or the applicant has passed the oral defence of the doctoral dissertation and is about to obtain the degree;


(3) English proficiency is needed. The applicant should have potential for publishing papers on high-standard SCI journals and A-category domestic journals;


(4) The applicant should have a strong academic background, profound theoretical knowledge as well as rich practice and experience in relevant research fields.



2. Salary


A basic annual salary of 280,000 RMB.



3. Application Procedures


(1) Contact Academician Norman Beaulieu and submit Application Form for Post Doctoral Fellow in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications;


(2) Provide materials as required in the Application Form;


(3) Academician Beaulieu will interview applicants and hire qualified ones.  


(4) After the interview, please submit the Application Form to the Postdoctoral Affairs Office (Room 427, No. 1 Teaching Building).



4. Contacts


(1) Academician Norman Beaulieu: nborm@bupt.edu.cn


(2) Postdoctoral Affairs Office: Ms.Zhang, Tel: 010-62282667/Email address: zjb@bupt.edu.cn